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Why do you sell your sausages frozen?

We choose to keep our products as natural as possible, with flavour and taste as the core of the offer. This natural philosophy means we do not add any preservatives. To retain freshness and keep our food natural we must freeze as a means of preservation. By not adding preservatives we offer a fully natural product, but it requires freezing to safeguard quality.

How long can I keep them in a defrosted state?

If you defrost our sausages in the refrigerator, you can maintain them in the fridge for three day, where upon we suggest you consume them.

How do best get them ready for BBQ?

We suggest defrosting in the refrigerator, but if you are short of time, you can leave them out in room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking. We never suggest to leave them in room temperature for too long, as we don’t use preservatives. Best is too keep in fridge and defrost slowly.

Can I re-freeze sausages?

You can refreeze meat, despite conventional thinking suggesting you don’t. Re-freezing tends to dry meat out, as the frozen water crystals rupture meat cells causing moisture loss when you defrost. So you find that refreezing is less an optimum from an eating quality perspective. If the meat has been at room temperature for more than one hour, I would not refreeze, and would not suggest refreezing. It is all about keeping all meats at a chilled temperature, until ready to consume.

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