Whole New Zealand Ora King Salmon (2-3kg)


Whole New Zealand Ora King Salmon (2-3kg)




Product: Ora KING SALMON\

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand


Size: Whole 3-4 kg          


Gilled and Gutted


A unique breed of King Salmon for culinary excellence. Developed over years in a classical breeding program, in the pure pristine waters of the Marlborough Sound region, in New Zealand. Ora King is the Wagyu of the Salmon world.

One of the Pacific Salmon Species, Ora King contains the highest average Omega 3 content across all the Salmon species.

Acknowledged  worldwide as key element in healthy diets, the  lean long chain Omega 3 oils also contrubitute  to an fantastic culinary result.

 Cooking Methods:

Ora King is excellent for sushi and sashimi, and can be baked, poached, fried, and grilled, the applications are boundless with Ora King Salmon, the Ultimate Salmon!

* No Hormones or antibiotics
* Hand fed specially formulated feed
* Pristine water conditions and ideal temperature
* Sustainably farmed product

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Weight 3 kg
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