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We’re a group of passionate food professionals in Singapore. Sidecar Handcrafted supplies premium meats, small goods, cold cuts, poultry, fish, and of course our famous handcrafted sausages, as well as our ready to eat range. Prepared with our commitment to quality and the time-honoured way of doing things.

Grass fed

All natural,
no preservatives.


Old school recipes, made using time-honoured techniques.

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Cut by master Aussie butchers right here in Singapore


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Lamb Racks - New Zealand

Wonderful frenched lamb rack, a gourmand’s delight when seasoned and roasted, or sliced into cutlets and marinated for a succulent barbecue cut. Tender and moist, a premium cut that delivers on flavour and succulence. Grass-fed, pasture raised, freshly shipped and prepared by the Sidecar team. Pure South grass-fed, low stress animals produce world class red meat with a flavourful taste and tender eating quality. From coastal plains to rolling hills, high country stations and alpine mountains, Pure South reflects unique provenance and diverse climate, captured in a distinctive range of flavours.
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